Elbow Grease Alone Can't Clean Filthy Grout

Our Jacksonville, FL team uses powerful grout and tile cleaning equipment to get the job done

It would take forever to scrub dirt and grime out of your grout by hand. Leave the grout cleaning to a pro in Jacksonville, FL. Floor Grip Medic LLC will bring in heavy-duty grout and tile cleaning equipment to make quick work of those stains.

Our proprietary hot water extraction method is incredibly effective at...

  • Removing ground-in dirt
  • Revitalizing worn-out tile floors
  • Eliminating up to 95% of allergens
Put away the mop and bristle brush, and pick up the phone. Call 904-441-1400 today for grout cleaning services.

Our four-step process

Our four-step process

We'll clean your floors by...

  1. Pre-treating your tile and grout with powerful grout and tile cleaning agents that are biodegradable and safe for humans and animals. This product will emulsify dirt, grime, mold and mildew suspending them to the surface for easy extraction
  2. Agitating dirt and grime with specialized equipment.
  3. Extracting dirt and grime with high-pressured hot water extraction equipment that won’t damage your tile or grout
  4. Dry mop application to absorb any left over water or cleaning agent.

View the Projects page now to see photos of our handiwork in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.